Continue Your Help for Animals
-create a gift in your will or other plans-


More and more caring people like you are choosing to create legacy gifts today as a way to continue helping animals with Animal Rescue Corps.   

Creating a legacy gift for Animal Rescue Corps is an easy and meaningful way to make a profound difference for animals in need, and to make sure your values are reflected in your long-term planning. 

We’re here to help you change the world for animals. Please, let us know if you have questions or need information.

And, please, let us know if you include Animal Rescue Corps in your legacy planning.
 We’d love to say thank you and welcome you to Theo’s Legacy Circle, a remarkable group of compassionate, loyal people making beautiful change for animals in need… best of all, just by being part of Theo’s Legacy Circle, you inspire others to make similar commitments.



Two of the Most Popular Ways
to continue your help for animals

A Gift in a Will or Trust

This is one of the easiest ways to create a legacy gift, and the most popular. You could allocate a certain amount, or a certain percentage, and change according to your wishes as life circumstances change.

Sample bequest language is easy for your advisor to include: “I give, devise, and bequeath to Animal Rescue Corps, Inc., federal tax identification number 90-0640069,  ___% of my estate [or describe the sum $___ or the real or personal property___] to be used for its general purposes. Animal Rescue Corps may be contacted at 855-ARCORPS, [email protected], or”

Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

Designations are the second most popular of gift options and becoming more and more common because of the flexibility and ease in setting them up. People choose to designate Animal Rescue Corps as a beneficiary of accounts including bank, savings, or investment accounts; donor-advised funds; retirement accounts; life insurance policies; and others.

This option is easy because it doesn’t generally involve setting up a will. It's as simple as a form from your administrator or custodian and can be changed whenever you like. People including heirs in their legacy plans especially like to gift retirement accounts to charity as they are so tax-heavy when gifted to individuals; gifting those to charity can carry welcomed tax benefits for an estate. Often, just some simple information is needed for designation forms:

Legal name: Animal Rescue Corps, Inc
Address: 1380 Monroe St. NW #326, Washington, DC 20010
Phone and email: 855-ARCORPS (855-272-6777), [email protected]
Tax ID/EIN number: 90-0640069
Date of Incorporation: November 17, 2010


There are many ways of creating legacy gifts, and these are just two of many. Find out why more and more people are continuing their help for animals through legacy giving -- reach out to us today and speak with your adviser to learn more about how you can protect animals with a legacy gift. 

Let Us Know!

We’re here to help you change the world for animals! Please let us know if you are considering including Animal Rescue Corps in your legacy plans, or if you already have. We’d love to assist, say thank you, and welcome you to Theo's Legacy Circle. 

Legacy Interest Form

[email protected]

855-272-6777, ext 108 

Theo's Legacy Circle
Loyal, Loving, Protecting

Theo Dog was tiny, blind in one eye, nearly toothless. He'd spent his life in a small, filthy cage. It was unbearably hot in the summers. It was unbearably cold in the winters. Days became months became years... it seemed little elder Theo would never find the person he dreamed of to love and protect him.

But, because of someone like you, Theo was saved. He was rescued in Animal Rescue Corps' very first operation, along with 124 other dogs, from a cruel puppy mill in Warren County, TN. After his rescue by ARC, carried to safety on the wings of caring donors like you, Theo got to feel grass under his feet for the first time… he stopped having the nightmares that made him cry in his sleep... and he found a home where he lived out his last three years being loved, cared for, and protected like he always should have been. Since then, ARC has gone on to rescue thousands of animals from cruelty, abuse, abandonment, hoards, mills, natural disasters, and suffering.

Like ARC’s Legacy Circle members and like you, Theo was fiercely loyal and loving. So we named our Legacy Circle in his honor -- it's a simple way we like to say
thank you to compassionate friends like you who do so much for animals like him. 

Theo, before and after.

Animals like Theo are the reason why more and more people every day are choosing to continue saving lives with a legacy gift to Animal Rescue Corps. Create your legacy gift today to continue your help, become part of Theo’s Legacy Circle, inspire others, and change the world for animals like Theo. 

Animals give us so much. And not a day goes by that you don't work hard to help them. Honor all the animals you’ve loved, protected, and learned from... continue protecting animals who need you... reflect your deepest values through your legacy planning...

Let us know how you'd like to change the world for animals like Theo today. 

The information contained here is not intended as tax, legal, or financial advice and should not be relied upon as such. Please always consult with your legal and financial advisors for information specific to your unique situation.